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Managing valuations in volatile times

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  • Australia is a stand-out among the OECD economies in its response and significant economic recovery from COVID-19. While it has not avoided the severe economic impact, financial market volatility and investment uncertainty that has afflicted global economies and financial markets, Australia’s economy and M&A activity has recovered strongly. Mergermarket data shows Australia’s M&A value in Q4 2020 amounted to nearly USD 23.8bn over 169 deals, more than double the figures recorded in Q2 and Q3. Meanwhile, New Zealand M&A value in Q1 2021 has totaled USD 3.9bn, surpassing the combined value of the previous three quarters.

    Expectations are fairly united that the economy will remain buoyant and M&A activity will be busy over 2021, well ahead of most other major economies that are still in the midst of severe health crises while their vaccination programmes get underway in earnest. 

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    In this live panel, we take stock of M&A activity in Australia and New Zealand, including:

    • Overview of M&A Q1 2021 activity and insights, which sectors of the M&A landscape will present most opportunities in H2 and what is the impact for domestic M&A? 
    • The impact of stakeholder capitalism on M&A activity, particularly with due diligence and regulatory processes assuming a greater stakeholder risk focus as opposed to a focus on shareholders and value
    • The difficulty of valuations in highly uncertain and volatile times, is this a competitive advantage for any party (including advisors)?
    • Despite travel bubbles being explored between countries, how are cross-border M&A transactions being conducted where travel bans might not be lifted soon?
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