Conquering complexity

How Europe’s private equity CFOs and COOs are setting themselves up for success

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    Joao Grando
    Joao Grando Private Equity Editor, Mergermarket
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    Conquering complexity: Private equity operating models unravelled The European CFO/COO’s view

    Fund operations are evolving. Technology is playing a more important role than ever before, reporting has become increasingly sophisticated and the changing regulatory and compliance environment poses an entirely new set of challenges. CFOs and COOs are operating in a new world, but how are they adapting to their new reality and preparing their operations for the future? 

    In our latest market research, undertaken by the Aztec Group in partnership with Acuris, we put these questions to many of the leading European CFO and COOs. Join us to learn about the results of our findings and to hear the thoughts of an expert panel on the key themes to emerge. 

    What you’ll learn:

    • Operational imperatives: CFO/COO priorities for the next 12 months,
    • Fund set-up: The factors driving and influencing decisions such as the appointment of advisors and choice of fund domicile, and the key fund establishment challenges CFO/COOs are facing. 
    • Reporting: Whether standardisation is good for the industry and the latest investor demands in areas such as ESG.
    • Outsourcing: Key areas for outsourcing and what makes for an effective outsourcing partnership.
    • Technology: The areas in which we’re seeing new investment and the technology benefits CFO/COOs place most value on. 
    Mandar Kulkarni
    Mandar Kulkarni Chief Financial Officer, Blue Water Energy
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