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    5K virtual M&A mileage

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    Chair's opening remarks
    John West
    John West Managing Editor EMEA, Acuris
  • Sustainability

    The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in November 2021. Dozens of world leaders will attend to in the most important round of talks since the global Paris Agreement to tackle climate change was secured in 2015. Sustainability has climbed higher on the agendas of boards and management creating a sharpened focus on sustainability in M&A as it is increasingly seen as a question of value-generating business development.

    • 09:00
      Environmental legislation – where are we now?

      Environmental issues can significantly affect the valuation of a deal for a prospective buyer. Key planned environmental changes and environmental compliance will affect businesses who will need to evaluate compliance and obligations associated with single-use plastics, decarbonisation in packaging and recycling. How will industries support the Net Zero ambition?

    • 09:20
      The energy transition

      The unstoppable pressure of ESG and climate concerns is transforming all parts of the commodities value chain, from electricity supply to raw material extraction. Oil and gas has been the hardest hit sector due to the oil price crash in early March 2020, but not wholly due to the pandemic.

      The more far-reaching theme of how to negotiate the energy transition and remain attractive to ESG conscious investors has put pressure on smaller listed players who may need to merge? Private equity-backed companies will need to redefine exit strategies, while the oil majors will seek to diversify from oil. The industry is increasingly committed to meeting climate change targets and this is firmly on the agenda as the economy recovers.

      Power and utilities has fared better than oil and gas, acting a relative haven. Renewable deals have experienced a fairly limited impact during the pandemic as COVID-19 provided a unique opportunity to accelerate the energy transition.

      Iti Jain
      Iti Jain Vice President - Private Equity, Siemens
      Arnaud Jossien
      Arnaud Jossien Managing Director, BNP Paribas
      Patrick Harris
      Patrick Harris Head of Energy & Natural Resources, EMEA, Mergermarket
    • 10:00
      Autonomous vehicle deals

      First came the cars, then came the components and underlying technologies that make them move. There has been a stampede of electrical vehicle-related business deals with expectations that EVs will replace cars and trucks that run on fossil fuels. However, the structuring of these deals has been a bumpy ride with many choosing the public markets with varying levels of success.

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    • 11:00
      Recycle revolution

      In June 2020, Amazon announced the $2bn Climate Pledge Fund to support the development of sustainable and decarbonising technologies and services that will enable Amazon and other companies to meet the goals set by The Climate Pledge. JB Straubel, co-founder of Tesla, has received funding for Redwood Materials, a mineral and phone batteries recycler.

      The funding comes as M&A in the recycling market is expected to heat up, but concerns that the industry needs to be consistent as well as profitable may dampen investor interest. Regulation compelling the use of recycled plastic is high on the mind of several mid-sized companies; some of which argue that it would help make plastic recycling more profitable. How can high investor interest turn to investors putting their money into plastic recycling?

      Jim Seward
      Jim Seward Jim Seward, Senior Vice President Technology, R&D, Sustainability, LyondellBassell Industries
    • 11:20
      Protecting a deal – cyber due diligence

      The acceleration of the digital economy due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in M&A deals in the TMT sector. Data vulnerabilities can threaten the value of a business and, as such, cyber-risks and cyber security is becoming a critical part of the due diligence process. This session will explore potential digital risk and solutions.

    • 11:50
      10,000 Black Interns

      Diversity and inclusion initiatives are transforming the M&A industry, but in a recent study, 88% of respondents felt that their industry is poorly represented with women and people of colour. Diversity and inclusion have proven to increase financials, bring more diverse ideas to the table and attract more diverse job candidates. Despite these benefits, surveys show that investors are still not directing their goals towards racial or gender diversity.

      #100blackinterns seeks to change the face of investment management by offering internships to Black students across the UK to help kick start their career in investment management. 200 of the industry's leading players are participating as a way to source a more diverse group of talent for the long-term.

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      Midday break

  • Private Capital

    The growth seen in private equity assets has been indicative of deal flow in recent years with sponsors able to raise and deploy capital into opportunities at a record rate. Expectations are for a more active role for private equity in the next M&A cycle. The pursuit of take-privates looks set to continue. Whether SPACs will arrive in Europe and redefine the IPO exit. Abundant liquidity in debt markets supplemented with private credit. Outlook for infrastructure M&A is positive especially around digital and logistics assets.

  • 15:10
    Chair's closing remarks
    John West
    John West Managing Editor EMEA, Acuris