Data Centers: The Next Generation

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    The Next Generation of Data Centers

    Globally, there have been USD 29bn of data center deals transacted in the past two years as the likes of Amazon and Google have sought to rapidly scale and expand their needs. Investors have ranged from digital REITs to infrastructure funds and on to long-term infrastructure investors. This became an infrastructure investment off the stability of 10-year contracts, investment grade offtakers, and the medium-to-longer view that these companies will continue to ramp up. This has investors thinking about the next generation of data centers as the means to fund growth and in a more meaningful manner.

    Panelists will dive into this discussion and will also address the following questions on every investors mind:

    * What strategies are mature data centers employing now to raise capital to fund new build?
    * Given the increased competition out there from investors, how does this effect the lease dynamic between the owner and the leasor?
    * What are the costs associated with building out data centers today vs. five years ago?
    * Given the power needs required for data centers, how is the convergence of renewable power played into building new data centers?
    * What areas in the world are being looked at for further data center development and why?

    Jon Berke
    Jon Berke
    North Americas Editor, Inframation News
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