Infrastructure Investors Forum: Energy & Renewables

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    Renewables became the largest infrastructure sector in 2020 accounting for 27% of all investment in the asset class. This dominance is set to continue into 2021.  

    Despite COVID-19, the renewables energy market saw a significant rise in M&A deals last year. 2020 has witnessed an increase of 36% in M&A and debt financing deal value.

    The virtual Infrastructure Investors Forum: Energy & Renewables will bring together a diverse range of utilities, developers, renewable energy infrastructure funds, generalist infrastructure funds, institutional investors, lenders, policymakers, and advisors to discuss upcoming investment opportunities and key features of recent transactions. It will also provide insights into current market conditions and where the European renewable energy market is heading.  

    The EU energy landscape is changing, and energy transition is happening in Europe. The EU aims to reduce greenhouse gas emission at least 55% by 2030 requiring a long-term structural change in the energy system and move to renewable energy. This year’s event will be a good opportunity to find out how the energy transition will develop.

    It will also take a close look at the offshore & floating wind and discuss the factors that make these projects bankable. Key industry players will also discuss the development of EV charging infrastructure in Europe and how to capitalize current Corporate PPAs opportunities.

    Reasons to attend:

    * Discover current drivers for renewables energy investing  
    * Explore key features of recent offshore & floating wind projects transactions
    * Learn EV charging roll out development and best business models  
    * Discuss Europe’s energy transition development over the next 10 years  

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