Italian Private Equity Forum

room Palazzo Parigi, Milan
  • 09:15

    Welcome remarks

    Giovanni Tinuper
    Giovanni Tinuper
    Private Equity and Transaction Services Leader, PwC Italy
  • 09:20

    Keynote: Macro-economic overview

    This keynote speech will examine the current macro-economic and private equity environment in Italy

  • 09:40

    Panel: Large deals in the spotlight

    This session will discuss the most relevant deals and future investment opportunities in the Italian large-cap space and lessons learned after the pandemic. How do global large-cap investors view potential target investments in Italy? Are there enough large- cap assets for their investment appetite?

    • Impact of COVID on the private equity market
    • Public vs. Private – Scenario
    • Portfolio management during pandemic
    • Firms less resilient and others that got advantage from pandemic
    • Deals keep performing – M&A Active
    Valentina  Pippolo
    Valentina Pippolo
    Partner, Head of Italy, Bregal
    Carlo Pavesi
    Carlo Pavesi
    Equity Partner, Gatti Pavesi Bianchi Ludovici
    Irving Bellotti
    Managing Director, Rothschild & Co.
  • 10:20

    Networking break

  • 10:50

    Panel: Private equity and its evolution – Ways of exit

    This panel will discuss how PE is changing and what the available exit routes are for Italian companies.

    • Alternative solutions and private equity structure
    • Club Deals, Search Funds and Pledge Funds: new frontiers for private equity?
    • Permanent capital solutions vs Private Equity
    • SPACs: what's the future? 
    Enrico Arietti
    Enrico Arietti
    Managing Partner, Search Fund Club
  • 11:30

    Fireside chat: Sector review

    An intriguing discussion on how sector lifecycle has changed after a year of mutations and challenges. 

    • The pandemic has accelerated some processes, some companies managed to adapt to new realities, also introducing the e- commerce, others not
    • Business Services Focus on Information and Communication Technology 
    • How the application of technology is impacting the market and specific sectors (e.g., Pharma and Healthcare, Logistics)  what are the benefits?
  • 11:50

    Networking break

  • 12:10

    Panel: New PE business models

    Speakers will examine innovative and conceivable trends for private equity. 

    • Are new business models emerging?
    • LP's and GP's relationship: what's new? 
    • GP's Organization and structure
    • The consequence of ESG in the PE market
    • Is there a new driver to create value and generate returns?
    Francesco Pascalizi
    Francesco Pascalizi
    Partner, Head of Milan, Permira
  • 12:50

    Closing remarks and lunch