Benelux Deal Momentum

M&A Recovery and Trends in 2021

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  • In 2020, Benelux M&A suffered as results of the pandemic, but the second half of the year the region saw a clear recovery in dealmakingAlthough count was down 17.1% year-on-year, the region still accounted for just over 10% of European deal count.  

    Despite the Covid-19 and the economic landscape, investor’s confidence has not been severely affected and there are still opportunities in the Benelux region. Technology has become the region's most active sector, with its deal count more than doubling from 2016. The region has had a strong year in terms of outbound M&A as well, with Q4 being the second highest count, with 102 outbound deals worth EUR 19.9 billion announced. 

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    Join this live virtual briefing to hear from leading advisers in the region tackling the challenges of the current dealmaking environment. Panellists will discuss:

    • Which sectors have the most potential for increased deal flow over the next year?  

    • What are the recent development and trends in the Benelux M&A market? 

    • What has changed in M&A transactions because of the pandemic? What will be most important for M&A success this year? 

    • As the pandemic has catalysed rapid change in the TMT sector and increased internet-based shopping, what are the recent M&A activity and investment trends in the TMT segment?  

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