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    US M&A Opportunities: Industrials

    Industrial and chemical companies may not gather the same headlines as their technology or healthcare siblings, but they remain at the heart of the US M&A market, accounting for 15% of the deals so far this year. What are the prospects for M&A in these core sectors, and are expectations shifting as the old pillars of global trade begin to break down? Our expert panel will discuss current activity, as well as exploring some of the topics that will drive opportunities over the next few years:

    • Will there be large-scale impacts of the onshoring movement on supply chains, and what does that mean for M&A opportunities?
    • Will the dramatic last-mile delivery activity in transport continue as people become less glued to their homes?
    • What does the accelerating electrification of vehicles mean for the Auto industry?
    James Nappo
    James Nappo Managing Director, Stifel
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