CEE M&A and Private Equity Forum

room Intercontinental Warsaw

This event will guide you through each stage of the capital lifecycle. The programme is split into the following areas to help you focus your areas of interest - private equity fundraising and structures, M&A origination and integration, acquisition financing, deal sourcing through to execution and value creation.

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Latest information on COVID-secure policies for the forum.


The race to reposition corporate portfolios has accelerated since the pandemic. It’s time to take the lead.

Acquirers that rely on their existing network to create value from M&A risk missing out on new ideas and fresh perspectives. This event offers a rare opportunity for corporate development executives to learn from each other’s practical experiences and address the complex challenges of value creation in your own deals.

Why this event?

  • Mergermarket connects the world's largest M&A community. We support 50,000 professionals with access to new business connections, profile raising and bold ideas. Our global M&A chapters provide networking and learning opportunities in 20 major cities around the world – with online resources available via the Deals+ community hub.

Reasons to attend:

  • Exclusive corporate development sessions that allow you to build relationships with other executives: Know who to call when you're confronting a challenge
  • Build-your-own schedule that allows you to select the sessions you want to attend and the meetings you need to have. Cut through the noise to build a network that's going to help you deliver on your goals
  • Online community hub, providing access to the shared experiences of corporate development executives across different industries around the world. Hearing how other corporate development executives prepare and deliver M&A strategy helps you to be better prepared to succeed
  • Learn from the practical experiences of fellow professionals executing M&A strategy
  • Optimise your time out the office with targeted relationship-building and insights that are most relevant to you
  • Accessible anytime as a resource for ideas, recommendations and shared experience

Delegate Testimonials

The event as such and the possibility to meet all the participants brings great value to the M&A industry
It is valuable to discuss the pitfalls in corporate M&A process and the experience of other corporates
Networking with existing and new contacts across the industry is very informative
This event was valuable because it enables me to network, learn about trends and understand problems in the wider M&A field
Excellent platform for networking and to meet people from the industry
The on-demand resources helps ground my thinking. It's very useful information that let's us do a better job at planning for the future


As confidence in the market returns, M&A activity is poised to rebound even stronger. Competition is fierce.

With twice as many M&A deals per year than a decade ago, and 30% more advisory firms pitching for their share of mandates, deal opportunities can come from an ever-larger universe. Join this event to benefit from our knowledge of 400,000 M&A deals and 17 million advisory relationships to turbocharge your networking.

Reasons to attend:

  • Be informed: Equip yourself with new insights and perspectives from outside of your business network
  • Build your business pipeline: Make valuable connections to generate new opportunities for your firm, with our range of formal and informal networking opportunities
  • Raise your profile: Take your place among the most influential M&A advisors and acquirers to have your say and increase your visibility

How it works

  • Step 1: Register your place at the event
  • Step 2: Identify the sessions you wish to attend
  • Step 3: Review our audience report to identify the most important people you need to connect with. Using advanced data science we profile the firms on your behalf to inform who to connect with and give you a productive day out of office
  • Step 4: Login to the networking tool to schedule meetings around your chosen sessions
  • Step 5: Attend the event with a clear agenda focussed on clear business outcomes


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