Nordics Deal Momentum:

M&A Recovery and Trends in 2021

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  • The Nordic M&A market has been severely affected by the pandemic and the amount and value of M&A deals in the region dropped substantially during the spring. However, M&A in the Nordics recovered considerably in the final quarter of 2020. 

    Deal activity in the technology sector certainly helped boost the recovery: there has now been an increase in the number of technology deals for nine successive years and it h was the most active sector in volume last year, reaching its highest annual deal count with 231 tech deals announced, worth a combined EUR 6.8bn.

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    ESG trends and green investment have also been on investors’ minds in the Swedish and Norwegian markets, especially with the EU’s new Taxonomy Regulation to help investors and companies to navigate the transition to a low-carbon and sustainable economy. 

    What else lies ahead for Nordic M&A this year?

    • Can the recovery in M&A activity in Q4 2020 be sustained? 
    • What can we expect in the Nordic M&A market this year and how will the current economic landscape impact M&A strategies beyond 2021?
    • How are investors responding to the EU Taxonomy Regulation and what is the real impact on M&A activity? 
    • What lessons were learned from 2020? What best practices will practitioners take forward?
    • Which sectors currently present more opportunities and why?
    • How is technology shaping deals in the Nordics?
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