We are building the foundation of a closer-connected global M&A community.

Deals+ supports your deal workflow by rapidly expanding your network of contacts with which you can validate opportunities and develop business, driven by personalised insights.

Using data science, our network plots millions of proprietary data points on individuals, transactions, relationships and skills to connect you with the people that can advance your next deal.

Our goal

To enable your success as a more influential practitioner through a closer-connection to your professional network.

Our approach

We've been obsessed with covering the M&A market since the 1990s. Our historical database exceeds 1 million M&A transactions and 750,000 corporate executives and advisory profiles. Now, we're using the latest thinking in data science to plot the M&A universe - the deals, the firms and the people. Greater visibility on the skills, relationships and expertise that you need to foster more efficient network building.

How it works

Every deal professional has access to a constant flow of information. News, intelligence, social media, data, video, opinion enable you to monitor your market for opportunities. When an opportunity presents itself, you turn to your connections to act. It's the strength of your network that determines your ultimate success. Deals+ make personalised recommendations of members of the network with which you need to connect, in order to validate ideas and source expertise.

Get involved

Deals+ includes curated research that is personalised to the interests of our members. Whether you need an outside view on the smart home sector in China or digital wellness, our research articles provide an in-depth analysis to further your understanding. Start growing your own network of global relationships. Join the beta phase.

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